The Terracotta Army not only for shopping centres

The Terracotta Army of the First Chinese Emperor exhibition is now being displayed in shopping centres throughout Europe.
It has become an interesting, original and unusual enrichment for visitors and, above all, great publicity for your business entity.
An unexpected wave of media interest and positive responses arose after introducing this exhibition in shopping centres.
The exhibition has been reaping success not only in terms of an increased visitor rate, but also greater media interest and generally expanded awareness of the given business entity.In addition, the shopping centre visitors appreciate the creativity of this project, and the powerful educational value that has been implemented in a popular way.


Production of the exhibition offer

We will be happy to prepare a complete offer of the exhibition production for your shopping centre – including its size – reflecting your financial possibilities, the architectural design considering the space available, the proposal of all decoration items and a complete accompanying programme.


Marketing communications? Essential!

The Eighth Wonder of the World, as the terracotta army is generally labelled, deserves appropriatemarketing communication. We can develop a tailor-made, complete and, above all, effectivestrategy of marketing communications. It will combine the use of suitable communications tools,with a strong emphasis on PR – we can provide PR materials that include written and visualmaterials, and help you implement the programme with target media list suggestions and pitching scripts.
Open the spaces of your shopping centre to the Eighth Wonder of the World and capture the interestof people by a unique and culturally valuable event!


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